Friday, July 2, 2010

So I've been away for a while....really busy working, creating, cutting, and coming up with ideas for Scrapmania class. I've been trying hard to come up with a class, and it looks like my first class will be a card class, probably friday afternoon at Scrapmania.

Scrapmania is a gathering of scrapbookers and card makers for a weekend of cropping.
It will be held July 23rd from 4pm to midnight at the Full Gospel Asembly on outer Court ST.
and July 24th 9AM to 8pm.
cost is $15 and you can register at Scraps in Houlton or call them at 207-532-0810
Scraps will be hosting the event, and there will be pleanty of prizes.
Lunch is a bring your own or pot-luck. (There is always tons of food!!!)
There will also be a "Scrap Yard" yard sale type set up for anyone who wants to buy or sell.

I've got a ton of stuff for sale, and will have my cricut there to make cuts if you would like.
I'll have pleanty pre-cuts done to check out, but if you have an idea, I can usually find it and cut it for you.

Some people have approached me to make pages for them, and I'm SOOOO excited. It keeps me busy. I'm selling them for $5 per page.

Also been asked to make some shower decorations and cut some stars, hearts, flowers, monograms, and auto decals for people!!! Business is good. I am so happy.

Vinyl cut orders for home decor have been slow, but I'm still waiting for my black vinyl!!!!
I may have to order from some where else. If anyone knows where I can get some rolls of black vinyl, let me know.

I can also make cards or invitations for you!

Who knew a hobby could become a living!!!

Well, hope to see you at SCRAPS or SCRAPMANIA!!!
I'll be scrapping and cutting my heart out!