Friday, June 4, 2010


I am a "newbie". I've never tried blogging before, but after much contemplation and research I've decided to give it a go!!

I've always wanted to be a writer, so while searching various "work at home" jobs on the net, I discovered that there is a possibility that I can become one. Maybe I won't publish a great novel, but let me tell you. My life could be a great novel. I've just decided to write it here.

First let me tell you how I came to this interesting place in my life. I'm currently a nursing supervisor at a rural hospital. If any of you are working in the health field right now you will understand what I am saying, when I tell you that there are some interesting things going on in health care and nursing these days. I'm not going to get into that so much today, but keep up with my postings, and I'm sure I will get to it.

What I am most excited to tell you is the story of how I finally found peace and happiness in my life. I found it with God.

For those of you who know Him, you will understand my rantings. For those who have not yet found Him, you can not believe what you are missing!